Tattoo price list

How much does a tattoo cost?

The price of the tattoo depends on the design, its size and placement.

Our studio's minimum price is 8000 Ft. Each artist has different hourly rates.

One session is approximately 3 hours long.

Deposit is required for all works and appointments.

Cash only (HUF).

Deposit policy

We cannot give you an appointment without leaving a deposit!

Small size tattoos (if the final price is maximum 10 000 Ft) - 5000 Ft

Medium size tattoos (finished in one session) - 15 000 Ft

Large size tattoos (requires multiple sessions) - 30 000 Ft

Deposits are deducted from the last occasion. If you do not call or show up to your appointment you lose your deposit. If you have to change your appointment but do not want to lose your deposit, please contact us 3-5 days before your appointment. If you change your design or your appointment more than 2 times or less than 24 hours before your appointment you lose 50% of your deposit.

 Sorry, deposits are non-refundable.