Piercing price list

We perform a wide range of piercings, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the piercing process, from choosing jewelry all the way to aftercare. Our clients are custom fitted with surgical steel jewelry which ensures comfort while enhancing their personal style. 

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For appointments, please send an e-mail to Farkas at wolf.j.ink@gmail.com

Piercing Price
Stretching 2000 Ft
Ear (lobe) 3000 Ft
Nostril 4000 Ft
Lips 5000 Ft
Bridge 5000 Ft
Ear (upper ear) 5000 Ft
Navel 5000 Ft
Tongue 5000 Ft
Cartilage (tragus) 5000 Ft
Septum 5000 Ft
Eyebrow 5000 Ft
Cheek 6000 Ft
Industrial 6000 Ft
Nipple 6000 Ft
Orbit 6000 Ft
Surface 6000 Ft
Microdermal 8000 Ft
Genital 12000 - 15000 Ft

Piercing types

  • Lip piercings: Angelbites, Angel kiss, Ashley, Caninebites, Cyberbites, Jestrum, Labret, Lowbret, Medusa, Monroe, Side labret, Snakebites, Spiderbites, Vertical labret
  • Surface piercings: Anti-eyebrow, Eyebrow, Corset, Madison, Nape, Neck, Hip, Sternum, Wrist
  • Ear piercings: Anti-tragus, Conch, Daith, Helix, Industrial, Lobe, Orbit, Rook, Snug, Tragus, Transverse lobe, Vertical tragus
  • Genital piercings: Ampallang, Christina, Clitoris, Dydoe, Fourchette, Frenum, Hafada, Inner labia, Lorum, Nefertiti, Oetag, Outer labia, Prince Albert, Princess Albertina, Pubic

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